Don't storm the ideas — write them down!

The best online tool to create, discuss and develop creative and innovative ideas with your team. Brainstorming is dead — meet Brainwriting!

It's like Brainstorming on Steroids

Messenger Bots

You can generate new ideas using our bots for Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Quick and easy.

Easy Customise

You can customise your brainwriting sessions — make it limited by time, choose team members, add voting and more...

Available Everywere

Every team member will be notified when you start a new brainwriting session and could participate in it from anywhere.

Clear Reports

After each session you will get a clear report with all ideas sorted by their score (if voted).

How it works

There are two interfaces to work with Braincatena — web site and bots for Facebook and Telegram.

You can write your ideas directly from our web site. We've made a simple and clean interface for it.

Or you can be a part of a brainwriting session through your Facebook or Telegram messengers. Our bots will help you.


We provide free basic plan for teams up to six people. We really want you to power up your brainstorming sessions with the brainwriting technique!

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